Executive Director

Posted: 07/09/2023

REPORTS TO: Board of Directors
Basic Function: The Executive Director (E.D.) is the administrative officer of the Chamber of Commerce, and oversees the
projects and activities of the office and the organization.
Scope: Responsible to oversee all the existing operations of the Chamber; organizational structure and procedures; income
and expenditures; maintenance of membership; maintenance of website; employment; and long-range planning.
1. Structure and Procedures - The E.D. is responsible for the internal structure of the Chamber to ensure that the
organization is operated efficiently and effectively. Will recommend to the Board such changes in structures and procedures as are
2. Income and Expenses - With the President and Treasurer, the E.D. is responsible for developing the Chamber budget and
relating budget to program goals. As approved by the Board, the E.D. is responsible for all expenditures within the framework of the
budget. Responsible for Chamber income, including funds from dues and other sources that are administered by the Chamber.
3. Membership Development - The E.D. maintains the membership at a level that will help reach necessary income for the
operation of the programs.
4. Staff - Responsible for the employment and development of Chamber staff, and assignment of their duties, the supervision
of their work, and the establishment of the terms of their employment. Executive Director will participate in professional conferences,
seminars and institutes as are needed to develop and maintain operations as peak efficiency.
5. Headquarters Management - Responsible for the safety, design and maintenance of Chamber building that will provide
for an efficient operation and present an attractive appearance for the use of Chamber members, the community and visitors.
Responsible for the purchase, storage and use of all chamber supplies and equipment.
6. Long-Range Planning - Under the direction of the North Royalton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and an
annually changing roster of officers, the E.D. is responsible for maintaining continuity and consistency in programming, and will
maintain a permanent seat on the Board of Directors.
7. Fundraising* - Oversees fundraising planning and implementation, including researching funding sources, submitting
proposals and administrating fundraising records and documentation.
* Fundraising events include annual golf outing, community festival, holiday luncheon
8. Liaison - With the Board of Directors
 The E.D. is responsible for keeping members informed of Chamber events via email blasts of upcoming membership and directors
meetings, as well as keeping members up-to-date on chamber activities.
 Will maintain the Chamber website
 Will prepare agenda for directors meetings and will work with the president to plan speakers for membership meetings.
 Forms committees, with the assistance of the president, for various programs of the Chamber. Works with these committees while
programs are implemented.
 Will entertain suggestions, proposals and requests from the members and translate them into action consistent with the fundamental
objectives and policies of the Chamber.
 Will render service to members as the occasion may require and time will allow.
 Will be available to key community leaders to discuss their suggestions or concerns, and will relay them to the Board of Directors
for discussion. Assures the Chamber is consistently presented in a strong, positive image to the community.

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